Dr. Teresa Howell
Registered Psychologist
Howell Therapy: Passage to Wellness Psychological Services

My Work Philosophy


I like to work from two major theoretical orientations: Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy and an Existential theoretical orientation. As a therapist, I would like to be a companion with you, on your journey to wellness. I like to explore your conditions of life and obtain a picture of your world, from a wholistic perspective (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually). Exploration of values, beliefs, strengths, challenges, limitations, and the presenting problem are all a part of therapy.

Indigenous focusing oriented therapy is a body-centred and person-centred approach to healing. It allows clients total control of the pace and the direction of their healing journey. It is particularly effective in the treatment and healing of complex trauma caused by accident, sexual, physical, emotional abuse or neglect.

Since each person has his or her own needs and goals, it is important to develop personally initiated goals as an important step in our work together. I work from a non-judgmental, open, warm, and empathic framework.

I have been trained to work with a number of different techniques, and use them based on your needs. Some examples of my experience include: Indigenous focusing-oriented therapy, existential analysis, person-centered therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy,  relaxation/stress reduction, gestalt techniques.

I also work from a social justice perspective and a harm-reduction framework. I respect and honour the diverse nature of human-kind and respect our diversity on all levels (class, gender, race, sexuality, ability, etc).

I also honour client’s gifts, strengths, cultural and spiritual beliefs about wellness and healing.

If you are interested in learning a very in-depth explanation of  psychotherapy, please see this webpage: ABOUT PSYCHOTHERAPY


As a consultant, I work in a very similar manner as a therapist. I believe in working from a wholistic perspective, including mind, heart, body, and spirit. I also believe in using effective and healthy communication skills. I think it is important to build rapport and work from a strength-based perspective with those who contract my services.